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The quickest, affordable and convenient way to accurately measure ketones. Experience the simplest and the best way to know if you are in a fat burning state called “nutritional ketosis” in no time using this ketone breath meter.

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“I've compared the accuracy of House of Keto Monitor side by side for 2 weeks with blood ketone meter. The results were very consistent. These days, I'm only using House of Keto Monitor. It’s just a much more convenient and cheaper way to identify your levels of ketones.”

Martin Oswald, Fitness Coach

“House of Keto Monitor measures acetone in your breath. Acetone is produced from the breakdown of acetoacetate in blood. This is very effective way to identify whether you're in a state of ketosis or not. I'm a huge proponent of Ketogenic diet as well as House of Keto Monitor.”

Dr. Emily Purkiss, GP

House of Keto MonitorTM

A small portable ketone breathalyzer that uses a breath-based method to measure ketone levels in your system. Imagine that all you must do to measure ketones is press a button, blow into a device for 10 seconds, you instantly have your ketone levels shown. House of Keto Meter does exactly that!

With this small ketone breath meter, you can have your occasional cheat meal and still have the peace of mind of knowing what your ketone levels are. Or adjust your diet to make sure you're staying in ketosis.

Measuring ketones via breath is the fastest and accurate way to determine the degree of ketosis. The major benefit of this ketone breath meter is the practicality of breath ketone levels as it can be assessed frequently with no invasive procedures helping individuals maximize their ketogenic diets!

Breath ketone meters are relatively new to the market for testing ketone levels. Breath ketone meter specifically measures the amount of acetone excreted in breath, providing readings that relate well to blood ketone levels at low concentrations. Breath ketone meter has become the best alternative for keto diet followers to measure ketones, it’s low-cost and easy to use.

It’s helpful to monitor ketone levels using a keto breathalyzer or breath ketone meter to make sure your efforts are worthwhile. With this device as your breath ketone meter to measure ketones, you’ll have more transparency into your keto diet body fitness progress, developing an understanding of how fast and the level of ketosis you’re able to achieve.

Package Includes

1 x House of Keto Monitor™

4 x Tips - each tip should last for several months (hundreds of uses). These are therefore hygiene only and there's no need to replace them frequently.

Main Benefits:

Ease of use, measure ketones in one breath in and you got results

Convenience, no need for annoying blood and urine tests to measure ketones accurately

Speed, it only takes 10 seconds to measure ketones using this breath ketone meter

Portability, small breath ketone meter, take it anytime and anywhere

Price, cheapest way to measure ketones on the market

Alternatives to House of Keto MonitorTM:

Urine strips, 10 USD per test

Blood test meter 60 USD + 5 USD per stripe for each test

HOK Keto monitor vs Ketonix vs Level:

Cost of Ketonix is 200+ USD does the same thing

Cost of Levl home 700 USD does the same thing

Measure ketones the easy way!

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